PAL Speedup Corrector

Standard-definition video produced in countries that historically used the PAL television standard often exhibits PAL speedup. I wrote a script that corrects this.

"Tik Tok" — Classic Films (Redux)

A montage of classic films set to Ke$ha's unparalleled 2009 party anthem "Tik Tok." Click here for a list of all 42 films that appear in the video.

Fossil Explorer

A VR experience for multiple users (1 instructor and 1-4 students) geared toward teaching grade school students about the fossil record. Created for SteamVR using Unity with fellow students Nick Ellington, Nick Foretich, and Zach Saucier.

ASCII Huffman encoder/decoder

A file compressor for ASCII text written in C++ and utilizing Huffman coding. Documentation available here.

WarGames Arcade

Arcade game suite including tic-tac-toe and blackjack. Visual design based upon the 1983 film WarGames. Written in Java with fellow student Cody Slarks.

Game screenshots:
Main Menu Tic-tac-toe Blackjack

Eric Goes Somewhere

A pilot produced for my high school's morning news, in which friend and classmate Eric Wright visits Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia.